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Sex Money and Friends are killing your relationship

A Podcast by John Gora

Hi -! My weekly ”conversations" together with my Co-host James Gachanja, with amazing people will not only shape you up the ladder but also inspire and motivate you into going, bold and brave as you open new chapter of your dreams and goals. Be assured to be better than you came. Something new to try in your life is here because life is too short to be anything shy of amazing! So whether you need a little "pick-me-up", some motivation to change things up in your life, OR if you're ready to take your relationship/career to the next level, you'll want to tune in! My podcast brings you people who are all wildly successful in life, down to earth, authentic, and are inspirational examples of everyday people doing extraordinary things. They are entrepreneurs, trailblazers, parents, grandparents, missionaries, etc. The common thread? The power of positivity, optimism and resilience are shared through their stories so you'll take away something special each and every time. Would you like to be a guest! You are just a button press away let's do this!

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To bring back peace through Love and shared mutual respect across diversities. Through motivational speaking, coaching, mentoring talents among youths above all being role model to the society as a whole.